Back Row:           Slim Ruppert, Woodrow Pickens, Paul Sutton, Darrell Horner

                                             Middle Row:        Frank Cooper, Leo Wolfe, Madelyn Davis, Edna Cain, Gladys Greenlief, Kyle Bush, Eddie Rader

                                             Front Row:           Anne Wilson Lewis, Inez Powell, Hannah Huff, Isadore Nackman, Velma Childs, Hayden Powell, Fred Madison Whiting

*Graduates of 1932 who are not in the above picture:    Yetive Beall Norman, Mildred Bush Dolin, Junior Cradddock, Beatrice Cox, Lonnie H. Fitzpatrick, Irene Limer Brannon, Lorraine Marks Marsh, Lucille Marks Miller, Orton Moore, Flora Moore Frame, Murl Moore Farrell, Lake Norman, Deca Parsons, Venda Powell Miller, Blanche Reed Stalnaker, James Schock, Mary Helen Smith Porterfield, Lovie Belle Stewart Saeler, Home Paul West, Frank Wolfe, Woodrow Wolfe