Glenville High School 2003 Alumnus/Alumna of the Year

        Congratulations to Denzil and Rita Frymier Huff              

The 2003 GHSAA Banquet formal festivities concluded with the Alumni of the Year Award being presented to Denzil and Rita Frymier Huff.  Denzil and Rita have been very active in the Association since its inception some years ago.  Both are also very active in community and church affairs, but still have found time to do a whole host of things for the Association.  They have both been instrumental in planning and helping carry out all of  the activities for the Reunion each year.  Additionally, Denzil has served as the Treasurer for GHSAA for the past several years while Rita has been involved in many of the projects and events sponsored by our GHS Alumni group.

The choice of the Huffs was a well deserved honor and was a very popular choice among the members of the Alumni.