Selected Issues of the Glenville Satellite Newspaper Compliments of Al Bush

These files are rather large and if you have a slow Internet connection it may take a while for them to appear; however, they are of high resolution and very easy to read.  Our thanks to Glenn "Al" Bush '46, our 2012 Alumnus of the year for maintaining them, scanning them, and cataloging them!  More issues will appear in the future.

Introduction from Al Bush.pdf - Please read first

Sep 28 1942.pdf    Oct 5 1942.pdf    Oct 12 1942.pdf    Oct 19 1942.pdf

Oct 26 1942.pdf    Nov 9 1942.pdf    Dec 7 1942.pdf    Dec 14 1942.pdf

Jan 11 1943.pdf     Jan 18 1943.pdf    Jan 25 1943.pdf    Feb 1 1943.pdf

Feb 22 1943.pdf    Mar 8 1943.pdf    Mar 22 1943.pdf    Apr 5 1943.pdf

May 17 1943.pdf

More Issues of the GHS Satellite Newspaper compliments of Cecil Reaser '51

Oct 9 1950.pdf    Nov 13 1950.pdf    Dec 18 1950.pdf    Jan 15 1951.pdf

Feb 5 1951.pdf    Mar 5 1951.pdf     Apr 1 1951.pdf      May 14 1951.pd

Apr 2 1956.pdf