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                     Home of Glenville High School until 1956, it was located on the hill near Glenville State College.  The building was situated where there is now a parking lot, between the Goodwin Hall dormitory and the Mollohan Student Union Building.  The concrete stairs that led from the back door toward Rt. 33/119 are still in place. Click on the photo for a larger image.

Glenville High School, 1958 to 1968, grades 1 thru 12.  It is now home to Gilmer County High School.   The building has been recently renovated with a new addition.  Click Here to see renovated Gilmer County High School.  Click on the photo for a larger image.

Temporary home of Glenville High School in 1956 & 1957, while new school was being built.  Located at Gilmer County Recreation Center, known as the "Poor Farm."  Click on the photo for a larger image



1958-59 Staff at the new Glenville High School






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Reflections On Glenville, a poem by Williamson Samuel Blizzard




VJ Day August,1945 Honolulu





Your Alumni Association Helping Young Students


Did you know that in the past 14 years your Alumni Scholarship Fund has helped Gilmer County's high school graduates with financial assistance to attend college with in excess of $250,000 in scholarship awards!!?  This has enabled some students to attend college who could not have done so without your assistance.  If you contribute to the scholarship fund, we thank you, if you haven't yet, please do so, it is money well spent and will help a deserving young person to attend college.   




2012 - 2001 Scholarship Fund Report



Donations in honor of the following persons have recently been made to the GHS Alumni Association Scholarship Funds

Howard B. Frymier                              George Summers                                    Jerry Martz

Mr. & Mrs. O. O. Hardman                 Everett B. Ellison                                   Frank and Della Paugh Gainer


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Selected Issues of the Glenville Satellite Newspaper

These files are rather large and if you have a slow Internet connection it may take a while for them to appear; however, they are of high resolution and very easy to read.  Our thanks to Glenn "Al" Bush '46, our 2012 Alumnus of the year for maintaining them, scanning them, and cataloging them!  More issues will appear in the future.

Introduction from Al Bush.pdf - Please read first

Sep 28 1942.pdf    Oct 5 1942.pdf    Oct 12 1942.pdf    Oct 19 1942.pdf

Oct 26 1942.pdf    Nov 9 1942.pdf    Dec 7 1942.pdf    Dec 14 1942.pdf

Jan 11 1943.pdf     Jan 18 1943.pdf    Jan 25 1943.pdf    Feb 1 1943.pdf

Feb 22 1943.pdf    Mar 8 1943.pdf    Mar 22 1943.pdf    Apr 5 1943.pdf

May 17 1943.pdf



Alvin Glenn Bush Resume

More Issues of the GHS Satellite Newspaper compliments of Cecil Reaser '51

Oct 9 1950.pdf    Nov 13 1950.pdf    Dec 18 1950.pdf    Jan 15 1951.pdf

Feb 5 1951.pdf    Mar 5 1951.pdf     Apr 1 1951.pdf      May 14 1951.pd

Apr 2 1956.pdf



  Old GHS Photos - Click on thumbnail for larger image

The below photos were supplied by Leona Satterfield Beall, GHS Class of 1949





Old GHS Steps from Margaret Miller Goodwin

Margaret Miller Goodwin, Class of 1948, has advised that Glenville State College intends to repair the old GHS steps and add a handrail for use by students.  Some have suggested erecting some type of a plaque, flag pole, or other monument in remembrance of the old Glenville High School.  Dick Barrett, class of 1950, originally brought it up at our reunion banquet a couple of years ago and made an impassioned plea that the steps be preserved.  Recently Tom Ratliff, from GSC, contacted Margaret and stated that it was GSC's intention to repair the steps, including railings, install some lighting and connect them with the sidewalk that comes down the hill in front of Goodwin Hall.  The college has agreed to pay for the repair and upgrade, but the GHSAA would be responsible for whatever we decide to erect in memory of Glenville High School.  Margaret Ann reminisced that her father worked for the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and helped build those steps.  GSC President Pete Barr and his wife Betsy have told Margaret they will personally donate to this project.  We are open to suggestions about what would be an appropriate memorial. 



Old GHS Sport Photos - Submitted by Larry "Jake" Wolfe - Class of 1959



No Left Turns - Submitted by Richard Riddle '49



GHS Alumnus/Alumna of past years


1960 Photo of GHS Satellite Staff visiting Charleston's TV-8

Compliments of Carol Ellison Ford

Just A Common Soldier, a poem - Click Here

Submitted by Bob Gainer, '59


Look Closer, See Me - Author Unknown




More Photos of Past Reunions

GHS Senior Class Photos, 1930-1968 and a graduate list


Old GHS Sports Team Photos

Early GHS Sports Banquet Picture

Photo Memories & GHS Alumni Member's Articles

6th & 8th Grade Photos of GHS Class of 1956

Secondary Education in Gilmer County

Click here for a brief history of Gilmer County




September 1945 Issue of the Glenville Satellite Newspaper

The 1957 Christmas Issue of the GHS Satellite - Compliments of Carol Ellison Ford

Page One          Page Two          Page Three          Page Four


September 30, 1957 Satellite Newspaper Excerpts


The 1958 April Fool's Issue of the GHS Satellite - Compliments of Carol Ellison Ford

Page One          Page Two          Page Three          Page Four



Anyone who would like to share their copies of old satellite newspapers, please send them to me at 20 Cabern Drive, Hurricane, WV 25526-9327.  I will put them on the internet site and return them to you....many others can then enjoy them. - John Gainer

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