Glenville High School Class Photos

1930 to 1968

Most of these GHS Class Pictures are now in high resolution.  They may take a while to load, but the resolution is extraordinary!  Mrs. Betsy Barr, wife of GSC President Dr. Peter Barr, graciously arranged to have all the class photos scanned to preserve them for us in a form (digitally) that will not deteriorate with age.  This was a very thoughtful and generous gift for Betsy to contribute to our preservation efforts. 


Some Class Photo Files Are Large and May Take Longer To Display

Class of 1930    Class of 1931    Class of 1932    Class of 1933    Class of 1934    Class of 1935    Class of 1936    Class of 1937    Class of 1938    Class of 1939    

Class of 1940    *Class of 1940a  Class of 1941    Class of 1942    Class of 1943    Class of 1944    Class of 1945    Class of 1946    Class of 1947    Class of 1948   

Class of 1949    Class of 1950    Class of 1951    Class of 1952    Class of 1953    Class of 1954    Class of 1955    Class of 1956    Class of 1957    Class of 1958   

Class of 1959    Class of 1960    Class of 1961    Class of 1962    Class of 1963    Class of 1964    Class of 1965    Class of 1966    Class of 1967    Class of 1968

*There are two versions of the Class Picture of 1940; maybe some of the photos had fallen off the original and it was reconstructed.  Both are shown by clicking on "Class of 1940" and "Class of 1940a"  The picture of W.E. Hull missing in the "1940a" picture, may be viewed in the "1940" picture.


Here is a list of all graduates from Glenville High School (I took them from the class if I left any out, let me know and I will amend it), the first file is by alphabetical order and the 2nd file is by year of graduation.

                                                                                              *GHS Graduates by Name                          *Graduates by Year of Graduation         

*All of those listed as "Deceased" on the graduates lists, have been reported as such, this information may not be accurate and is certainly not complete.  Anyone with corrections please email me at the address below.

First Graduating Class of Gilmer County High School - 1969  



If there are any mistakes, Email me at:  and I will correct them.